The FCFC was formed as a direct result of a joint venture agreement (“JV Agreement”) agreed upon by its parent clubs, the Fremantle United Soccer and Recreation Club Incorporated (“FUSC”) and the East Fremantle Tricolore Soccer club Incorporated (“EFSC”) on Dec 9, 2014, so to that extent the FCFC is a new entity but in reality the players, supporters and members behind it represent more than 100 years of combined existence between them, which is a wonderful collective milestone in its own right that no other joint clubs in the State of Western Australia can share.

The FCFC was initially formed with the express goal of catering, primarily, for the players in its immediate geographic catchment area (Fremantle and surrounding coastal suburbs within a 15 kilometre radius) that wanted to compete at the highest possible levels within Football West structured competitions.

On September 14, 2016 – the parent clubs of FUSC and EFT agreed to join the association of the FCFC, named “The Fremantle National Premier League (NPL) Football Association Inc”, which for ease of reference we fondly refer to as “The ONE Club”.

The ONE Club Venues

The ONE Club has access to a number of facilities, primarily our featured historical playing and training grounds are Hilton Park and Wauhop Park, and these are complimented with Bruce Lee Oval in Beaconsfield and Fremantle Park in Fremantle.

The Ambition of the ONE Club

The ONE Club has a number of goals that it wishes to accomplish in a very narrow time frame.

We have expressed our interest to apply for an A-League License once the FFA (Football Federation Australia) confirms it will be expanding the current competition.

This goal is by far the highest the ONE Club strives for, and we will be looking to partner with an established foreign club in the same way that Manchester City has acquired its interest in A-League Club Melbourne City. A taskforce has been set up and meeting regularly and we will update all members of developments as they come to hand.

We aim to be the largest footballing membership base by the end of 2017, we are only 300-400 members short of this goal and with the introduction of the ONE Club Supporters Club membership option, we would expect to have at least 1600 members by the end of 2017.

In closing…

The formation of the ONE Club was a brave initiative of the Parent Clubs setting aside their own individual long term historical identities to come together for a common goal to form a club that can make best use of collective resources on and off the pitch, and to present a branding that will capture a broader community and business sponsorship supporter base.

The ONE Club is the FIRST club in Australia to have a model which allows multiple clubs to come together under one association, but to continue trading and representing its parent club team names and colours.

We welcome you to be a part of the ONE Club.

Club Divisions


Miniroos is for Girls & Boys aged 4 -7 year old’s.

Our Miniroo’s program is an inhouse program which operates on Saturday’s mornings at Hilton Park,
Our program is designed to teach the kids the basics of Football through training followed by playing an inhouse competition games against children their own age.  All coaches & team managers are volunteer parents.

For more information about MiniRoos and how to join Fremantle City Football Club please contact Colin Brindle at


The Juniors League division of the Fremantle City Football Club is for Girls & Boys aged from 10-16 years of age.

All teams play on a Sunday & train either once or twice a week.

Each team is coached & managed by a volunteer parent.

Our Junior League teams are all registered in the Football West competition.  For more information go to

If you are interested in playing Football with Fremantle City Football Club please email

National Premier League (NPL)

Fremantle City Football Club has NPL teams in U13, U14, U15 & U16’s. Our NPL teams are selected in October. The teams train October & November and then from January to August. Players from outside of the Fremantle City Football Club who have aspirations to play in the NPL are to forward the Football Department : a brief outline of their football career, then may be invited to a training session for assessment.