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Welcome to Fremantle City Football Club

The FCFC was formed as a direct result of a joint venture agreement (“JV Agreement”) agreed upon by its parent clubs, the Fremantle United Soccer and Recreation Club Incorporated (“FUSC”) and the East Fremantle Tricolore Soccer club Incorporated (“EFSC”) on Dec 9, 2014, so to that extent the FCFC is a new entity but in reality the players, supporters and members behind it represent more than 100 years of combined existence between them, which is a wonderful collective milestone in its own right that no other joint clubs in the State of Western Australia can share.

The FCFC was initially formed with the express goal of catering, primarily, for the players in its immediate geographic catchment area (Fremantle and surrounding coastal suburbs within a 15 kilometre radius) that wanted to compete at the highest possible levels within Football West structured competitions.

In season 2017 we have Senior Men’s Teams competing in State League Division 1 (second highest in the State directly below the National Premier League), Senior Women’s Teams competing in the State Premier League (the highest league) and Junior Teams across all age groups aged from 4 years onwards, with particular interest in the highest placed Junior National Premier League for the under 12 to under 16’s.

On September 14, 2016 – the parent clubs of FUSC and EFT agreed to join the association of the FCFC, named “The Fremantle National Premier League (NPL) Football Association Inc”, which for ease of reference we fondly refer to as “The ONE Club”.

The ONE Club in season 2017 will have more than 1200 registered players, it will be the 3rd largest club in Western Australia, with plans to be the largest footballing membership group in WA by the end of 2017.

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