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Registrations for 2018 Are Now Open

Fremantle City Football Club is welcoming all players for the 2018 football season starting around March/April. Registrations and fees are now open and are administered through the third party “My Football Club” website.



A few important things to remember:

  • This is our second year as Fremantle City Football Club – 3 clubs joined as “One Club” so please remember to select ‘Fremantle City Football Club’
  • Unless you have already trialled and been offered a place in one of the junior NPL  teams – do not select this option in available packages: if you select NPL when you are not an NPL player – you will have to deregister and reregister again later.
  • Our dedicated administration team deals with over 1270 registrations. The team does not know any details about who are the coaches, when the training nights are. You will need to register on Team App and join the Age Group for your child. If you have a problem with or question about the actual registration process or payment – the best way to reach the admin team by e-mail (

New to Football? Or from Overseas?

  • If you are new to Football in Australia, you may have to spend 2 minutes generating a Football Federation Australia (FFA) number at the “My Football Club” website. Your log-in password will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • If you are already play football but your last club was overseas – you may need to also obtain an international clearance before you can play matches. We recommend you contact the registrar ( ) before registering to understand the process and what you will need to do.Returning players should use their existing FFA account. If you’ve forgotten your FFA number or password then you can search at https://www,

Age Groups & Fees

Age groups, years of birth and fees for the 2018 season are as follows:

Age Group

Year of Birth

Miniroos 2009 – 2014*
Under 10s 2008
Under 11s 2007
Under 12s 2006
Under 13s 2005
Under 14s 2004
Under 15s 2003
Under 16s 2002
Under 17s 2001
Under 18s 2000
Senior 1999 +



Mini Roos (in house) 5-7 years $275
Kanga (in house) 8-9 years $300
Junior U10-U11 (boys) $385
Junior U12-U18 (boys/girls) $440
Junior Girls U11 $440
Junior Girls U13 $440
Junior Girls U14 $440
Junior Girls U15 $440
Junior Girls U17 $440
NPL U12-16 (boys/girls) $1100
State League Teams (Men) $550
State League Teams (U18’s) $495
State League Teams (Women) $495
Adult Socials / Amts (O18s) $440
Adult Masters (O35s/O45s) $440
Women’s Social $440
KIDSPORTS Vouchers: $165 + Balance of Fees

The most convenient way to pay is with a credit card online at the end of registration. Credit Card fees apply.


Need financial assistance with registration fees?

KidSport will assist eligible families to receive up to $150 annually for each of their children aged between 5 – 18 years, to subsidise fees to join a sport and recreation club. Eligible families include those with health care cards or pension concession card, or those referred by other community groups, such as schools, juvenile justice teams, government agencies and health practitioners. These groups are known as referral agents. To find out more about KidSports and/or to get a ‘KidSports Application Form’ contact your local government. If your LGA is not involved, please contact the Department of Sport and Recreation on 9492 9700. Or click on KidSport for more info.

Further Information

Changing Clubs?

Under the football West regulations, inter-club transfers are possible until mid-season (often 1st July). If you have paid at any club, the Football West and Football Australia components will automatically be carried over (i.e. you should not be required to pay this twice). If you are transferring mid-season to Fremantle City Football Club we will make a personal arrangement (bank transfer payment or through a refund). We regret we cannot help with refunds from previous clubs. Fremantle City Football Club may also offer partial refunds to players leaving to play at others clubs. This may however be dependent on costs or fees owing and the reasons for the transfer.

Playing Kits

Miniroos & Kanga players will receive a complete playing strip in 2018. NPL and state league kit packages are provided as part of the section levy. Juniors and Senior Match day jerseys are used for a number of years and remain the property of the club and need to be returned to the uniforms coordinator through your team manager at the end of the season.

The registrar cannot typically help you with these types of questions.

Remember – your registration is not complete until full payment has been received. When you have registered and paid online, the player status will remain “Pending Awaiting Approval” until the age coordinators have allocated the player to a team, and then your status will change to “Active”.

For those wishing to pay off their fees, this must be done prior to playing games. FCFC players must be fully financial prior to playing games. Player registrations will not be activated until all monies have been received.

Allocating Players to Teams

The club endeavours to make registration and team allocation as smooth as possible, processing 800 junior players into around 45 teams each with the right number of players. While the Academy / NPL teams are trialled and most places allocated in October, the remaining players are sorted into teams based on a combination of what the coaches / assessors know from the previous season. Depending on the requirement pre-season grading / sorting sessions may be held to evaluate new players and check on progress of returning payers. Adjustments may be made shortly afterwards if it is apparent that players have not been placed correctly. The club has a firm policy of “player before team” – trying to place players in the best team for their ability while trying to place players with friends where possible. Check the website , or even your coach from last year to find out when any grading / sorting sessions might be held.

Refunds and Withdrawals

If you have registered and paid but have decided to withdraw from football before the start of the season then this is the process to withdraw:

  • Log back on to the “My Football Club” website using your FFA number and password. Click the box that says “de-register” and answer the question as to why.
  • E-mail the registrar ( ) so that the club can know to accept the deregistration. We will send through a claims form for a refund to be managed through bank transfer by the treasurer. The club will try to offer a full refund for pre-season withdrawals minus the Football West fees / My Football Club credit card costs plus of course costs for any club clothing already issued and used in pre-season.
  • Full refunds will be given if players have been accepted into the club but for whatever reason cannot be placed in a team, or for players allocated to teams which fold pre-season for insufficient numbers or in the unlikely event that a parent, relative (or other) volunteer does not come forward to coach.
  • No refunds are available after 30th June unless the player has an appropriate medical certificate.

Photo Requirements

All players playing in competitions u12s and up will require a photograph to be uploaded to complete their registration. You can upload a new photo using the MyFootballClub web site by clicking on the blue banner above.  If you are requested to provide a photo for this purpose, the guidelines are as follows:

  • A clear head photo of the player – see examples below (the one at the bottom right is preferred)
  • Should be relatively recent (within 3 years for Under 18 or 5-10 years for Over 18)